Rates & Fees

Please note that some of our lenders may offer loans while some offer other financing products that are not loans, such as merchant cash advance, factoring, and invoice financing. Consumers are responsible for their own due diligence on researching about the types of loans and financial products offered by our partnered lenders.

A lot of what will determine the cost of your loan or financial product are the fees associated with it. You want to look at this information over carefully to make sure you know exactly what you will owe before you agree to the loan or financial product and have to start making payments. Make sure that you check with your lender the fees associated with the loan they will approve you for.

You will not owe any fees from our company. We offer a complimentary service that helps pair you with a lender in our network which can provide the assistance you need. You are under no obligation to sign up for any loan or financial product that our lender partners may offer you once you get lender-approved.

Different lenders have different policies regarding how much they charge. A lot of what will impact the rates for your loan or financial product is the payment schedule that is associated with your loan. Your payment rates will either be fixed or variable, or both. In most cases, variable rates will change based on the income for your business so those that do not get regular income may find this option a bit easier to manage. Either way the rates you will be expected to pay will be outlined before you agree to the loan or financial product offered by the lender, so you know what to expect.

Another factor that will impact the rates for your loan or financial product is the payment schedule. You may pick a different schedule based on the kind of revenue you usually bring in and the rate that each loan or financial product charges. Most will charge a percentage of your daily earnings, though some will offer a fixed dollar amount if your income each day tends to be steady. Our lenders should provide all of this information so you can make the best decision for your business. Remember, we are here to help small business owners connect with approved lenders, to help you grow your business.


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